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Luxxe Renew 8 Berry Extract

Luxxe Renew 8 Berry Extract

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Luxxe Renew is a super antioxidant best supplement for anti-aging that infuses the magical effects of 8 SUPER BERRIES in ONE MEGA CAPSULE.

Luxxe Renew 8 Berry Extract was awarded "Best and Most Effective Anti-Aging Supplement on the market" and "Best Detoxifying Anti-Aging Product." 

Luxxe Renew is an all-in-one anti-aging supplement Super Antioxidant in 1 Mega Capsule. A mixture of Acai berry, Pomegranate, Goji, Mangosteen, Noni, Cranberry, Blackberryand Blueberry. All are hailed worldwide as "Superfoods."

  • Pomegranate (100mg) - Fiber-rich fruit suitable for the heart.
  • Noni fruit (100mg) - The powerful "Superfood".
  • Blackberry (25mg) - Rich Vitamin A and Vitamin E sources.
  • Cranberry (50mg) - Abundant source of Polyphenol and Phytochemicals.
  • Acai berry (100mg) - The perfect energy berry.
  • Mangosteen (100mg) - Rich in Phytochemicals.
  • Goji berry (100mg) - Rich in Beta-carotene.
  • Blueberry (25mg) - Oxidative stress fighter.

These eight essential berries may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals from food and environmental factors such as pollution, harmful sunlight, smoking, and alcohol.

Luxxe Renew may also help slow down the skin's aging process and hinder the formation of wrinkles and unsightly marks related to aging.

Luxxe Renew may also help regulate metabolism, burn fat, lower total cholesterol, and boost immunity. An elixir to preserve the youth in everyone and revive their youthful glow.

Eight powerful berries are now in your hands to Renew the way you look inside and out—a reconciliation of youth, energy, and vibe to your life - Luxxe Renew. 

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